Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer is here (sort of)

It's been a while since we've posted an update on all the activities going on with the Fairfax sheep so whilst it's raining it seemed an appropriate time to catch up with you all.

The sheep have had the most amazing grazing over the last month and have been moved around several paddocks to keep the grass under control. The lambs have thrived on the spring/summer grass and all look really well. Not long now before the first group will be weaned. Not something I look forward to as the noise is so loud for the first few days as they settle into life without their mum's reassurance. We seemed to have had a mock run of this when the ewes were sheared; confusion reigned and non of the lambs were sure  of who belonged to who! I spent ages trying to identify sheep that looked completely different with their new hairdos... chaos as per usual. The ewes are all looking rather tubby and some will definitely need to join weight watchers before returning to the tup in September.

All our lambs have now been sold to great breeding homes and will be off to their new lives in July. We have gained more grazing so now I can also increase the size of the flock, oh how I love sheep shopping. Most likely to buy at the Ryeland Show and Sale in August; such a great day out.

We have also registered our Coloured Ryeland Flock too. You will see we have two flock names now, Fairfax and Moat. Our first Moat Coloured Ryelands have had their registrations come through and hopefully their certificates will be with us shortly.

Will leave you with a photo of one of our Fairfax Ryeland ram lambs from this year

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