Saturday, April 20, 2013

spring time

It's all been very busy here over the last few days. The lambs are growing rapidly and we are looking at them every day deciding which ones should be registered. As well as having excellent conformation the white Ryelands should have dark noses, eyes and inner ears. The Coloured Ryelands must have white tear drop markings from their eyes. Generally they are all good lambs but some obviously standout as being a little more special.

The ewes are doing their lambs well but we are still giving them a little help by feeding sheep nuts to help ensure their milk production. The lambs have also enjoyed a nibble of the lamb nuts which they get at feed time too. At feed time we like to do a quick check of all the lambs and ewes just to ensure everything is ok. It's great fun to see the lambs playing in the evening after everyone has been fed. The leaping, bouncing and lamb races are mesmerising and a complete time waster. The sense of well being when you see the lambs charging round and the muffled bleats of their mothers as they 'talk' and graze at the same time makes the harsh winter work and lambing worries so worthwhile

We have also been busy harrowing, rolling the paddocks and doing some over seeding. Remarkably the fields have stood up to the bad weather remarkably well but are very dry on the surface and grass growth has been slow to get going this year. Hopefully there will be a flush of activity soon.

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