Sunday, April 14, 2013

A bit of warmer weather

The lambs are all outside now enjoying the warmer weather. The ewes have done well to keep them fed over the cold spell which hit us in April. We are still lacking the usual grass growth we would expect at this time of year but  things are looking a bit better. The lambs are rapidly growing and having great fun  gambolling around the paddocks. Nothing better to see the youngsters enjoying a stretch of the legs and lamb games with each other. The ewes look rather pleased they can get some serious grazing done while they are occupying themselves.

Generally we are pleased with this years crop of lambs with some excellent stocky offspring being produced. The ram's quality has really shone through and hopefully we can keep some of them, improving our breeding flock.

Simon the sheep has been rehomed today and we are very pleased with his new career. He will be a therapy sheep for adults with learning/additional needs at a centre in Lancashire. He will enjoy the pampering and attention he'll get so we were more than happy to donate him to such a worthy cause.

Hopefully we will be basking in warm weather soon and the grass will start to grow with gusto.

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